June 11, 2006

More re proposed changes to BCDC bylaws

Here's my response to a suggestion at BucksforChange that the solution to the objection to being required to support an endorsed candidate would be to resign--"What's the big deal?"
Please let me explain why I feel this is a big deal. As the bylaws currently stand, we have the freedom to choose which candidates to support in the primaries. If the proposed change is adopted, we will lose that freedom. And if I have to resign to follow my conscience, I will lose my vote in party meetings like today's [June 10]. And since I just got elected, I'm not sure when my next chance for election would come around, or how soon I might have to resign again. And then my Plumstead precinct would have only one committeeperson, like a couple of other Plumstead precincts, because there aren't enough Democrats in the township who want to volunteer for this job. And I'm not sure how many other committeepersons would feel just as alienated from the party as I would. So how much would the party gain by adopting this change? Would it be worth the pain and damage it would cause?