October 11, 2009

Response to Froma Harrop re Holder

Dear Ms. Harrop:

I read your column "Holder should do some remembering" with great sadness. Since you wrote, "Suspected terrorists are no longer sent to overseas prisons," the Obama administration has announced its intention to continue rendition of terrorists to foreign countries, where we all know what will likely happen. And while you cite Ali Soufan's opinion that "going after CIA officials now 'would be a mistake,'" what about Jack Cloonan, Matthew Alexander and Steve Kleinman, experienced interrogators who all support a wide-ranging criminal investigation? See http://www.truthout.org/082809A. It is precisely in times of crisis, such as the period after 9/11, that we must respect the rule of law, or damage our national security and ideals, as happened. Pursuing accountability may hurt some Democrats in the eyes of those who have been brainwashed by "24," but a probe that is done right will educate the public as to why it was needed and make such violations less likely in the future. Please reconsider before you contribute to a climate that aims to essentially cover up war crimes.

Barbara Glassman